Barry White, On Your iPhone, On Valentine's Day

Yes, it's Valentine's day, and now you can feel the love with a variety of Aps from none other than Mr. Barry White.

What better way to set the tone for valentine’s day than listening to the man who invented romance, Mr. Barry White.

The Barry White Estate and the Penté Group of Montreal announced today they’ve licensed Barry White’s music and images for iPhone and social media applications. Best known for their collaborations with entertainment personalities Akon and Bob Marley, Penté has now partnered with the estate of Barry White in an effort to create a web presence for the legendary voice of romance.

Penté Group is a leading developer of celebrity applications for mobile devices and social media websites. Under the partnership, Penté will develop a series of mobile and social applications for digital platforms, starting with Facebook and iPhone aps. According to the press release, “The applications will reflect Barry White’s unique personality while leveraging his voice and music to create both novelty and fan-driven applications.”

Penté Group has timed the release of the Barry White applications with Valentine’s day, hoping to create romantic buzz across the blogosphere.