Barry Diller’s Definition of ‘Fine’

The Daily Beast owner isn't too worried about the daily bleed.

ShutterstockDillervonFurstenbergTribeca2015Fun tidbit from Keith J. Kelly.

The New York Post columnist caught up with Barry Diller at this week’s TIME 100 bash, where Diane von Furstenberg was among the 2015 anointed influencers. Diller casually confirmed to Kelly that he has no interest in the New York Daily News, and also added this:

IAC/Interactive Corp still has The Daily Beast, which Diller said is doing “fine” — but added, “if by fine you mean losing $15 million dollars a year.”

That’s $41,071.38 a day, kids. The Daily Beast is by no means the only Web or Web-print enterprise currently in the red. Still, it’s funny to hear Diller frame it in such a manner.
[Photo of Diller and von Furstenberg at 2015 Tribeca Film Festival: Sam Aronov/]