Barracuda Labs Analyzes Twitter Usage

Barracuda Labs examined usage of Twitter as part of its recently released Barracuda Labs Annual Report, analyzing 19 million Twitter accounts.

Among the findings by Barracuda Labs:

Only 21 percent of Twitter users are “true Twitter users,” defined by Barracuda Labs as having at least 10 followers, following at least 10 people, and tweeting at least 10 times.

A total of 17 percent of Twitter users have zero followers, versus 30 percent in June 2009. Meanwhile, 26 percent have at least 10 followers, compared with 20 percent in June; 40 percent are following at least 10 accounts, up 18 percent compared with the June total; and 27 percent have sent 10 or more tweets, up 29 percent versus June.

As far as Twitter being used as a two-way communication tool, Barracuda Labs found that 36 percent of Twitter users have more followers than accounts they are following, up from 20 percent in June.

There are still 34 percent of Twitter users who have not tweeted since they created an account, which is down slightly from 37 percent in June.

Barracuda Labs also created a statistic called the Twitter Crime Rate, which it defined as the percentage of accounts created per month that are eventually suspended for malicious or suspicious activity, or otherwise misused. The Twitter Crime Rate was 1.2 percent in 2006, 1.7 percent in 2007, 2.2 percent in 2008, and 12 percent in October 2009.