Assessing the Baron Davis ‘Alien Abduction’ Coverage

This ridiculous news item took flight thanks to a July 11 episode of Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher’s The Champs podcast. It officially crash landed exactly a week later by means of a Mea Culpa conversation between Knick hopeful Baron Davis and MSG Network’s Alan Hahn.

Now that the imaginary probes have been put away, all that’s left heading into the weekend is to award a few prizes  to some of the media folks that had the most fun with Davis’ close encounter of the made-up kind:

Best Slide Show – TIME: Northwestern/Medill grad and magazine writer/Web producer Samantha Grossman used the Davis podcast declaration to anchor a “10 Stars Who Have Seen Aliens” click-through.

Best Artwork – The LA-based BBall brand shared an illustration (small version above) that fits even more perfectly now that Davis has confessed it was a gag.

Best Media Tweet – Hunter Walker: The Talking Points Memo national writer was once right on top of the breaking Whitey Bulger Santa Monica news and evidently still keeps  a close eye on LA westside goings on.