Barney Frank Spends Honeymoon on Current TV

Current TV is milking this morning’s appearance by newlywed Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) on “Full Court Press” as his “honeymoon.”

Pretty catchy: “Congressman Barney Frank is the First Member of Congress to Spend Honeymoon on Current TV’s Full Court Press with Bill Press,” blares a bolded all-caps headline in a release.

The url is even worse. This claims that he “honeymoons with Bill Press.” Whoa! Already straying from longtime partner, Jim Ready? “He’ll be down tomorrow for a few days,” Frank assured of his spouse when Press joked about him spending his honeymoon with the show. “In August we’ll take some time off.” Frank said while his Democratic colleagues have been overwhelmingly “enthusiastic” about his wedding, his Republican coworkers have been quieter about it, congratulating him “in private.”

Frank spoke on gay marriage, saying, “Clearly what works is reality beats ignorance.  And this is clearly a prejudice literally based on ignorance”.

Watch here.

UPDATE: A few more details about this morning…we hear Frank was accompanied by a documentary film crew that is chronicling his last year in Congress. Also, he showed up on time and couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop clearing his throat. As most who have seen him on TV know, he can be very phlegmy.