Barnes & Noble Unveils Full Service Nook Boutiques

Today Barnes & Noble announced they will install 1,000 square-foot boutique areas in stores to show off the Nook eReader. The “full-service” boutiques will contain trial devices, a video screen playing demos, and a staff member dedicated to device support.
The company released a dramatic figure about in store Internet use: the bookseller currently “averages more than 2 million free Wi-Fi connections per month in its stores.” The press release did not include a new price tag–the Nook Wi-Fi still sells for $149 and the Nook 3G sells for $199. The new areas will be installed during the summer and fall.
Barnes & Noble CEO William J. Lynch had this statement: “We entered the eBook market a year ago confident our bookstores would be a huge competitive asset, and a year later, the role of our retail channel in the success of Nook and eBooks, and the popularity of our in-store eReading features have crystallized this advantage … No other company is doing what Barnes & Noble is doing, utilizing its store footprint and innovative technology to add value to the customer’s eReading experience.”