Barnes & Noble To Sell Kids Books & Magazines In Nook iPad App

After doing away with the ability to buy eBooks from within the Nook iPhone and iPad apps, Barnes & Noble announced that it will begin selling magazine subscriptions and children’s books within it’s Nook iPad app.

Interestingly, these are the two categories that Barnes & Noble has invested in heavily and often uses to promote the Nook Color. The move suggests that they must also sell a fair share of these products on the iPad.

The book retailer will likely be paying Apple 30% of their revenue from these magazine sales as per Apple’s new in-app rules.

Periodicals will include: Esquire, Maxim, Forbes, Food Network Magazine, Newsweek, Popular Science, ESPN The Magazine, Elle, O, the Oprah Magazine, Parenting: Early Years, The Washington Post, USA TODAY, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times.