Barnes & Noble Makes In-Store Nook for Nook

Today, nook127_smaller.jpgBarnes & Noble debuts demo units of its e-reader device, the Nook, in its stores. GalleyCat previously quoted Barnes & Noble senior vice president of corporate communications, Mary Ellen Keating, as saying that, “A very limited supply, along with demo units, will be available in our highest-volume stores only, beginning December 7.” The Wall Street Journal, however, reported on Friday that the device will not be available for sale in stores today because Barnes & Noble is “intent on fulfilling earlier preorders,” and that the ship date for new orders has been pushed back from January 11 to the 15th.

Anticipation for the device has been high, after Barnes & Noble announced demand had exceeded stock, delay shipment of some units until after the holidays, as well as sightings of Nooks for sale on eBay.

The above photo, taken last Thursday, shows the Nook booth that recently appeared in the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York City. As of that date, there were no actual Nooks to be seen, but there were Nook-shaped brochures, as well as a not-yet-busy “Nook expert” (note his yawn) in a snazzy gray shirt.