Barnes & Noble Live Blog

10:04 B&N CEO William Lynch has taken the stage.

10:05 Barnes & Noble has 25% of the eBook market in the U.S.

10:06 He is talking about Nook apps.

10:07 PubIt “is the fastest growing part of our digital catalog.” Nook color owners have already downloaded over a million apps.

10:10 Nook newsstand has seen 1.5 million subscriptions in six months. They have sold more digital magazine subscriptions than Apple.

10:12 Simple pure reading experience, here it comes. He is reading a letter from a customer that wants a large print simple eReader for his grandma. A nook for old people?

10:13 New Nook, no buttons. Touch screen.

10:14: They are showing a video. It looks like the basic Nook but with now buttons. Only a touch screen. A team of Nook t-shirted people are cheering.

10:15 Touch on a six inch display. Under 7.5 ounces.Battery life up to two months on one charge. Impressive. EInk Pearl display.

10:16 $135, Wi-Fi enabled

10:17 Comparing to Amazon and bragging about no buttons.

10:18 Customer service.

10:19 Jamie Iannone (VP) has taken the stage. “The all new Nook has a lot in common with the paperback.”

10:22 “If I charge my device today, I’ll be reading through the fourth of July.”

10:23 Goal is that the technology disappear. Each page dissolves into the next one, minimizing the flashing.

10:24 Can customize your pages and see how many pages are left in a chapter. Looking up a word in the dictionary no longer takes 20 clicks, “it’s a simple tap.”

10:25 The store has recommendations (like other eReaders).

10:26 Built in Wi-Fi.

10:27 Nook friends. Can share with friends and see what they are reading.

10:28 Next month will launch Can create personalized homepage with your own photos.

10:29: William is back on the stage.

10:30 It’s available for preorder today. It will ship by June 10th in time for Father’s Day.

10:32 Q&A time.

10:33 It is Wi-Fi only, no 3G. The chip is 800 MHz to allow for battery life.

10:34 The reading time is about half an hour a day, if they read that the whole time it would go past two months.

10:35 “We think the battery life will extend longer than the life of the device.”

10:36 Nook apps won’t be on this device.

10:37 Matt Stewart from CNN Money just asked how many Nooks have you sold? William Lynch, “Millions.”

10:38 Android 2.1 device.

10:39 The old Nook is now on sale. They are discontinuing the old Nook. They are also interested in international sales, but no plans yet.

10:41 Some families might buy multiple Nook products depending on desires in the eReader.

10:42 Will paper books die? William Lynch says that physical books will continue to dominate the market. Lynch says that store sales are growing, thanks to eReaders in store.

10:43 Software innovations in this device are page turning, battery life, social recommendations and expert bookseller recommendations.

10:44 Worked with Neonode on the touch screen (the same as Kobo).

10:46 Lynch says that they won’t break out digital revenue, but he does say it is the fastest growing part of the company’s business. He also won’t comment on the difference between sales on Nook Color versus simple Nook.

10:47 Lynch, “No ads on Nooks,” aka no ad supported Nook like the Kindle.

10:49 They will use stores as a driver to sell devices.

10:50 If you buy this, your library will sync across the cloud, no matter which Nook device you have had.

10:51 The presentation is over. We’re going to check out the product demo. Check back for videos this afternoon. Thanks for following.