Barnes & Noble eReader App For Windows Mobile

Of the eBook stores on the market, I think Barnes & Noble’s is the most convoluted. The story starts with two independant eBook stores, Fictionwise and eReader, each with their own applications for mobile devices. Fictionwise aquired eReader and decided to keep running the two as separate stores. Barnes & Noble then aquired Fictionwise, and apparently using technology of both Fictionwise and eReader created the Barnes & Noble eBook store that has lead to the nook.

Today all three stores exist, but the problem is that each store is using similar but different eBook reader programs. For example, if you buy a book from eReader that book will not automatically appear on a nook. You can, however, manually copy the book you bought from eReader on to the nook and read it. To make matters worse, Barnes & Noble calls their eBook application the Barnes & Noble eReader, while the eReader app is known simply as eReader. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch you can install both programs to purchase and read books from both stores. Why Barnes & Noble has not yet consolidated stores or at least programs is beyond me.

To date Windows Mobile users have only been able to use the “original” eReader program, but Mobility Digest is reporting that the Barnes & Noble eReader is now working on the T-Mobile HD2. If you go to T-Mobile’s HD2 site you see the Barnes & Noble program listed as one of several entertainment programs that are pre-installed on the HD2. People who had received HD2s early found the Barnes & Noble app only displayed a “coming soon” splash window, but starting today when the program starts they see a prompt for an over-air-update that installs the full version of the program.

I do not see a link to the Windows Mobile program on Barnes and Noble’s web site, nor do I see it in the Windows Mobile marketplace. However, if you are interested in trying the program out there is a version of it on the XDA-developers site. I expect that the program will eventually appear in the Windows Mobile marketplace.