BarEye expands to five new cities, allows users to buy and send drinks from their phone

Where Yelp and others have made moves to bring restaurant reservations and food delivery to the mobile masses, BarEye is looking to do the same with drinks in bars and clubs around the US. After a successful pilot program in Tallahassee, Florida, BarEye has announced an expansion to five other major markets.

BarEye is now available in Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, Miami and New York City, giving customers at supported bars, clubs, or “chains” the ability to browse drink menus and purchase refreshments from within the app, only to redeem their purchases with the bartender in the actual establishment.

During its yearlong pilot platform in Tallahassee, BarEye signed up 17 bars and saw over 10,000 app downloads. Those participants ordered over 6,000 drinks, either for themselves or others.

BarEye’s social features allow users to purchase drinks for others, regardless of location, and carry on text conversations inside the app. It also supports promotional offers to increase traffic during slow business periods, as well as a calendar of events.

BarEye, the company says, is useful as it eliminates the need for opening tabs, or the chance of losing credit cards, since all payments are handled instantly within the app.

“BarEye is breaking ground and offering a new way for consumers to buy drinks and interact simultaneously with each other and the bars or venues they are attending,” said Jonathan Vilma, Co-Founder, via a company release. “I’ve been a bar owner for several years now and seen how quickly people get on their phones to check-in on social networks or text friends, after ordering a drink. Now with BarEye, they can open one app to do all of that and order drinks at the same time. They can even buy a drink for a friend as an icebreaker to get them to come hang out.”

Any bar in the US can sign-up for more information on BarEye, and to be notified when the app is available in their city. BarEye is now available to download for free on iOS and Android.

BarEye joins a growing market, as iDon’tQ’s app of the same name launched in January with a similar goal. iDon’tQ supports food ordering, as well as drinks in clubs and bars.

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