Bardella’s Own Publicity Picks Up

Kurt Bardella is moving along swiftly if not oddly at The Daily Caller. The guy who was fired by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) some months ago has secured a new job as an online newspaper publicist and has now penned his first opinion piece. As some know, after Politico help him get canned after his alleged sneaking of reporter emails to NYT‘s Mark Leibovich, they, too, welcomed him with open arms into their opinion section fold. Bardella stresses to FishbowlDC that he will still handle publicity for The Daily Caller while writing the occasional op-ed. “Obviously, my first priority and focus is on promoting The Daily Caller so I imagine it’ll be something I’ll try and do when time permits,” he says.

So far so good. His  own publicity is picking up. This morning his first piece got picked up by Gawker and by ABC’s “The Note” and NBC’s “First Read” email roundup.

Bardella’s first op-ed for the publication concerns Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and her impact on the presidential landscape. The publicist/op-ed writer says Bachmann won’t win. But he insists she can have great influence. He writes, “As long as her candidacy doesn’t completely implode, her very presence in the Republican field creates dangers for the more established candidates regardless of whether she wins or loses.”

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