Barbara Who?

Barbara Who?

kruger.gifMichael Bierut posted a great item over on Design Observer about a recent interview he had with a young designer:

The best piece in her portfolio was a packaging program for an imaginary cd release: packaging, advertising, posters. All of it was Futura Bold Italic, knocked out in white in bright red bands, set on top of black and white halftones. Naturally, it looked great. Naturally, I asked, “So, why were you going for a Barbara Kruger kind of thing here?”

And she said: “Who’s Barbara Kruger?”

Okay, let’s begin. My first response: “Um, Barbara Kruger is an artist who is…um, pretty well known for doing work that…well, looks exactly like this.”

“Really? I’ve never heard of her.”

The comments thread is sizzling hot too – kicked of with this salvo from a young indignant (but not terribly original) designer:

OMG. I’m a beginning design student myself and all I can say is you arrogant snob”. WTF Do you know how many million artists and designers exist in the world today? The population explosion has attained such unprecedented levels that there really is no longer any room for pretentious snobbery. You must be over 40 is all I can say.

Over 40! The horror.