Barbara Walters Stretches Definition of ‘Fascinating’

FishbowlLA understands that Barbara Walters‘ annual “Ten Most Fascinating People” TV special is about as rock solid as People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” shtick. It’s a harmless slice of holiday season ratings fluff, to be tuned in or not at the bored viewer’s own risk.

Nevertheless, in advance of this year’s edition airing December 14, The View doyenne is taking some heat for including the Kardashian family. It’s one thing for tabloids to keep milking this sorry situation, led this week by Star Magazine’s ridiculous all-caps groom-busting KRIS IS GAY! headline. But in the case of Walters, perhaps the ABC newswoman is simply relying on the etymology of this particular F-word:

1590–1600; fascinãtus, past participle of Latin ascinãre. To be witch, cast a spell on, verbal derivative of fascinum, evil spell, bewitchment.

It all comes into focus now, doesn’t it? These Kardashian sisters are more than just reality TV stars. They are also a living, breathing continuation of The Witches of Eastwick, brought to life as an unholy trinity (with the birth of Khloé in 1984) the same year the John Updike novel was first published.