Barack Obama: Definitely Not Muslim, Maybe Canadian

So, back to Canada where Barack Obama also happens to be a frequent topic of discussion. Considering Canada and the U.S. share the longest undefended border in the entire world, it’s perhaps not surprising that Canadians are pretty focused on the American election (sometimes a little too much).

Anyway, while the GOP appears to be spending a lot of time highlighting Obama’s foreign “connections” Canada can’t seem to get enough of what we refer to as “multi-culturalism” (also known as a “tossed salad“). According to the Globe and Mail‘s John Ibbitson, even though “self-interested Canadians should probably be backing the Republicans in this election” (McCain defends and supports free trade) we love Obama, to the tune of 55% plus vs. 15% for McCain. Are we just incapable of looking after our own best interests? Nope that’s not it at all.

The most obvious reason is that Canadians are Democrats, except in Alberta. It has been said that the greatest contribution Canada could make to global civilization would be to allow ourselves to be annexed by the United States, thus ensuring Democratic administrations in perpetuity.

So when Mr. Obama speaks of withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, when he calls for greater public involvement in health care, when he promises to fight global warming, he is promoting policies and espousing values shared by some Americans but most Canadians.

More important, Mr. Obama epitomizes the multicultural present that Canada celebrates. While we are stuck with an uninspiring assortment of mostly middle-aged white males to lead our country, Americans are contemplating electing a Kenyan-American who has an Indonesian-American half-sister who is herself married to a Chinese-Canadian doctor. Mr. Obama shouldn’t belong to the United States. He should belong to us.