Breitbart News Boos Mainstream Coverage of Barack Obama Promotional Booklet

Ben Shapiro is absolutely right. The italicized preface to’s May 17 item makes it perfectly clear that their release of a 1991 biography booklet proclaiming President Obama to have been born in Kenya is not an attempt to resurrect the birth certificate controversy. “It is evidence,” the preamble concludes, “not of the President’s foreign origin, but that Barack Obama’s public persona has perhaps been presented differently at different times.”

Nevertheless, among the careless MSM pick-ups of this Drudge-fed “The Vetting” dispatch is an unbylined Huffington Post item. Arianna, Shapiro insists, aggregated this one all wrong:

What was Huffington Post’s headline? “Birthers Make Another Blunder.” Once you click in, the headline becomes, “Obama Birther Rumor Debunked As Literary Agent Clarifies Mistake.” The first line of the piece? “Barack Obama birth certificate conspiracy theorists have been foiled again.”

This leaves questions as to whether the Huffington Post’s editors are actually literate, since Breitbart News’ piece introducing the Obama bio explicitly states repeatedly that Breitbart News is not stating that Obama was born in Kenya, supports the veracity of the Obama birth certificate, and explains that the evidence goes to Obama’s construction of his own biography. Huffington Post did quote the original piece, but buried Breitbart News’ non-birtherism at the end of its article labeling the story a “birther” story. This is magnificently dishonest, and played just as Obama would have his minions play the story.

Shapiro goes on to somewhat hilariously list the stories major-city newspapers chose to devote more column inches to this Friday. In the LA Times‘ case, preferred topics included “a piece explaining how Los Angeles’ electric car drivers are different from others across the nation.”