Baquet and O’Shea–More Alike than One Would Think



Rick Anderson of the Seattle Weekly, has a very amusing letter in Romenesko, and FBLA liked it so much, we’re quoting almost all of it:

In 2005, LA Times publisher Jeff Johnson announced the appointment of Dean Baquet as his editor. In 2006, LA Times publisher David Hiller announced the appointment of Jim O’Shea as his editor.

They each said about their picks:

Jim O’Shea is “a journalist’s journalist…”
Dean Baquet “is an exceptionally talented, dynamic and well-respected editor…”
O’Shea is a “tough minded but fair, independent thinker…”
Baquet has “personal leadership qualities and breadth of experience…”
O’Shea has “rock hard news values and integrity, professional and personal…”
Baquet is “the very best person” for the job.

Now O’Shea is. Be afraid Jim.

FBLA admires the research effort, so much.