Banksy Posts; New Yorkers Show Up

Do you consider yourself a New Yorker in the know? Do you follow what appears to be a brand new, official Banksy Twitter account? If the answers to these questions are respectively yes and no, you may want to remedy the latter.

The famed, stealth British-born graffiti artist has set up artistic residency in Manhattan and triggered a Twitter account pointing to the website The site is chronicling his various NYC street efforts and causing lots of excitement each time around. From a New York Daily News report:

To Pace student Mathias Watson, 21, it was an exciting opportunity to see an authentic Banksy in-person. “I just love the chase,” he said, adding that he found the location after Banksy tweeted it. The Chelsea piece has already accrued new tags, from a black stencil of embattled Chinese artist and activist Ai Wei Wei to other graffiti artist tags.

Welcome to New York, Banksy! Your Twitter outreach is making news coast to coast and we hope the city remains “just your type.”

Update (Oct. 16):
The  New York Post has confirmed that Twitter appearances can be deceiving. A rep for the British artist says the account @banskyny is “100% fake.”

Photo of today’s “Midtown” fresco courtesy: