Banksy: Movie Reviews and Surprise Appearances

Late last month, we told you about the premiere of Banksy‘s first feature-length documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop at the recently-concluded Sundance. By all accounts, it was one of the best things shown at this year’s little film get-together. Unfortunately, for all the expectations that this would be the street artist’s official public unveiling of himself, it wasn’t to be. Instead, it sounds like something of a mess of a film that somehow finds its way and is thrilling in the process. Cinematical has the best review/overview we’ve read, and the Guardian‘s Jeremy Kay also has a quick, worthwhile read if you’re interested in the film. Best part of the whole thing, however, was after the other bit of speculation, “Do you think he’s here watching the movie with us in the theater?”, Banksy-like pieces of graffiti started showing up around Park City, proving he was there or at least wanted us to think he was. Unfortunately, the local officials, not realizing that they can sell pieces of walls for thousands of dollars once Banksy has defiled them with his art, quickly removed them.