Banksy Gets the Boot (by way of black paint)


The fun part of going on a trip and escaping being chained to your computer is that you come back to all sorts of interesting news. Well, that and escaping being chained to your computer. First up on the finds of interesting stories comes by way of Archinect, with the BBC reporting that the transport authority in London has painted over a Banksy painting near a Tube stop. The value of said painting, seeing as Banksy has become the end-all be-all of the art world? It’s been estimated at over $300,000. Here’s some:

Commenting on the latest incident, a spokesman said Transport for London had to take a tough line on removing graffiti because it created a “general atmosphere of neglect and social decay which in turn encourages crime”.

“We have no intention of changing this policy as it makes the transport system safer and more pleasant for passengers.”

The spokesman added that the company recognized that there were some who viewed Banksy’s work as legitimate art but that their graffiti removal teams were “staffed by professional cleaners not professional art critics”.