Banksy Gets Caught Trying Not to Be Banksy


Another fun story from the world of art: megasuperultrastar artist Banksy was recently caught trying to pass off a fake Banksy for entry into a contest celebrating bad art. The Turnip Prize, created as an antidote to the Tate‘s Turner Prize, is award each year at a small bar in the UK. This year, however, when they showed up to work, they found a painting outside their door, created by an artist named “Banksea.” However, even if they do find out it’s really the secretive artist who left it, it doesn’t hold much chance of winning any prizes anytime soon:

Trevor Prideaux, the organiser of the event, explained how the winner would be selected: “It is awarded to the person who has created something that they perceive to be crap art using the least amount of effort possible.

“It does seem to be in Banksy’s style and the fact it was left anonymously on my doorstep does add to the possibility that it could well be one of his.

“But we do disqualify those who are perceived to have used too much effort. Someone has thought too much about this one and tried too hard. So for that reason it’s not likely to win. The odds are very long on it.”