Banksy Defaced Again in Bristol

You can’t please everyone. If you’re Banksy, that’s likely the motto you live by. Following the opening of his largest exhibition to date in his home turf of Bristol, which you’ll remember was set up in secret due to the hosting museum’s concerns that the city council would axe the idea, it’s being reported that a someone has thrown paint all over another of his earlier pieces in that same city (one attached to real walls, not those in a gallery). Just a few months back, a group defaced one of his paintings as a protest against gentrification, and the latest paint attack happened earlier this week, with thick blue paint covering Banksy’s work — thus far no one has claimed responsibility. Fortunately, for Banksy fans, the owner of the building on which artist original chose as his canvas has taken to getting all this new paint removed in an attempt to erase all of the bad vandalism from their good vandalism.