‘Bang With Friends’ App Makers Not Doing Themselves Any Favors

One of this week’s creepiest stories concerns the new Facebook app Bang With Friends. In case you haven’t heard, the app promises to help users find Facebook connections who are up for a one-night fling. Classy, right? It’s all anonymous, though, because the only way anyone will know that you use it is if the same friend/friends also independently choose you to “bang.”

Our first response to this development was something of a weirded-out shrug until we encountered a very telling Daily Beast interview with the people who created social media’s latest flash in the pan.

Get ready for a shock: They’re three “college-age males” who “made this in two hours… with a lot of Red Bull and vodka” in order to “take rejection out of the [dating] equation”. Oh, and they insisted on remaining anonymous for the interview. We can’t imagine why…

If they’d wanted to protect their own reputations, they probably shouldn’t have chosen pimpin@bangwithfriends as their email handle or chosen a graphic like this one for the “how it works” section of their site:

Sure, it’s all kind of amusing, and it makes sense considering the popularity of “instant gratification” porn-sharing services like Snapchat and Twitter’s Vine. But it’s also disturbing in a way we can’t quite express–and the fact that the same dudes who created the app voiced a desire to prevent their younger sisters from using it is revealing.

What do we think of this app? Is it a brilliant tech innovation or a sign of larger societal dysfunction that prevents people from communicating with each other in more traditional ways like, say, meeting face to face and deciding whether they like one another?

Finally, did these guys make the right decision in scheduling the interview?