BANG: The Daily Caller Gives Away Guns

To promote its “Guns and Gear” vertical, The Daily Caller is giving away one gun every week until Election Day in November. That’s 25 guns total.

The sound you hear is TWT‘s Emily Miller, who wrote a lengthy series called “Emily Gets Her Gun,” squealing through all of NW.

Winners of the giveaway will receive the FMK 9C1, an American-made high-capacity 9mm, according to a release. It comes in three colors and is engraved with the Bill of Rights.

“Like most Americans outside Washington, DC, New York City and most of our nation’s news rooms, large numbers of Daily Caller readers love guns. These people are already looking to our new Guns and Gear section for the latest product reviews and Second Amendment news,” said Neil Patel, Publisher and CEO.

Trigger happy readers can enter by simply visiting this landing page and filling out a form with some basic information.

Noteworthy: The release says “The Daily Caller is the only major U.S. news outlet with a dedicated section related to firearms and firearm-related issues.” So much for “Guns&Patriots” over at Human Events.