BandPage Takes Over As Week's Fastest Growing App

BandPage finally claims the top spot in the list of fastest-growing applications on Facebook. But questions games are still holding strong, although not to the extent they were last Friday.

BandPage finally claims the top spot in the list of fastest-growing applications on Facebook. But questions games are still holding strong, although not to the extent they were last Friday. Read on and if you like what you see below, be sure to take a look at the detailed statistics tool we use to compile these rankings.

The Week’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. BandPage by RootMusic1,739,73627,378,6891,868,545
2. Gardens of Time2,527,03312,688,0011,375,038
3. Skype1,675,2656,688,2071,283,079
4. VEVO for Artists282,0625,484,8761,228,486
5. 21 questions833,44513,652,6171,042,573
6. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa446,2728,116,861860,356
7. Pages +286,8793,063,651785,176
8. Army Attack248,937739,442732,060
9. Bing3,442,43429,509,271597,471
10. Welcome Tab for Pages270,0384,907,030597,464
11. Truth Game340,0005,301,619552,979
12. Friend Matrix151,152615,032480,431
13. Genç Video94,7481,344,616479,486
14. Diamond Dash1,386,0319,009,641463,316
15. Daily Horoscope3,023,5529,448,266453,082
16. Between You and Me260,2974,396,856431,683
17. Pieces of Flair139,2911,272,998423,241
18. Video Kanali256,821706,804388,395
19. e-Diagnostics135,4172,374,512387,786
20. Games1,727,9707,727,139374,423

For Musicians

After a long stay on our countdown, BandPage by RootMusic finally sees its time in first place, finishing the week with a 1,868,545 increase. The application continually appears as the prominent choice in improving the social networking presence of musicians.

VEVO for Artists has another noteworthy week, moving up four spots to the fourth position with a 1,228,486 weekly growth total.

For Gamers

Playdom’s Gardens of Time is once again the gaming application of choice; 1,375,038 people found themselves on a quest in a time machine. Army Attack, developed by Digital Chocolate, finishes a tremendous week in the 8th spot; the game had 732,060 players on a mission to save their land from evil forces.

Though the past weeks have been a slippery slope for Diamond Dash, the past seven days have been promising as a 463,316 gamer increase moves the Wooga app into 15th.
A newcomer to our list, GSN’s Games, offers those who add the application a number of enticing social gaming choices – including a few options found on television. The wide variety helped Games close out our list as it welcomed 374,423 Facebook users.

Facebook Connect

Skype takes a leap in the right direction as it moves up to third; the video and calling service had 1,283,079 social networkers synching their accounts. Dropping two places to the ninth position, Bing hangs on to the top ten as 597,471 people looked to improve their ability to search and share information on Facebook.

Fun With Friends

The previous week’s dominant trend, question applications, lingers this time around. Last Friday’s top app 21 Questions slips to fifth, but still finishes with an impressive 1,042,573 adds. Truth Game starts the second half of our countdown as it had 552,979 curious friends taking the quiz. Between You and Me takes five steps back to 16th with a weekly growth increase of 431,683.

Design collages that include your closest social networking buddies using Friend Matrix; the application’s first appearance on our countdown comes in 12th with a 480,431 increase. If you are thinking about the film Office Space when you hear about RockYou’s Pieces of Flair, you are not alone. Choose from a selection of amusing buttons and pass them along to friends; 423,241 users picked and sent amusing graphics as the newcomer lands in 17th.

Page Building Tools

Iwipa takes the six spot this week as its tabs built and view totals are a not too shabby 860,356. French alternative Pages + has a top ten first week on the fastest growing list; the application finishes seventh with a 785,176 seven day growth period. Welcome Tab for Pages cuts the countdown in two with a 597,464 increase.


Two Turkish video apps both nab spots on the back half of the top 20. Genç Video drops to thirteenth with 479,486 new viewers tuning in. Video Kanali makes an appearance this week in 18th as 388,395 people started watching the clips offered.

Fun For Yourself

We close with two choices that provide a bit of personal enjoyment. Soft Reklam’s Daily Horoscope hangs on in 15th this time around; an additional 453,082 astrology fans are now receiving predictions on how their days will turn out. Intelligence Elite brings you E-Diagnostics, an application filled with IQ tests and other brain teasers, that comes in 19th with the help of 387,786 inquisitive minds.

Readers, did you find yourself frequenting any of the applications featured on this week’s list?

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