Bandai Namco’s Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend Launches on Mobile

Jewel Fight 650Bandai Namco Games has released its latest game on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Invictus Games, Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend offers match-three puzzle combat, as players are taken to Wildmoon, a world of fantasy, where they’ll choose from three classes (warrior, rogue or mage) and take to battle against AI enemies in both a single-player story mode, as well as a multiplayer challenge arena.

In Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend, players complete dozens of levels in the game’s story mode. The world is under the threat of an army of goblins, wolves and other beasts, and players must clear the land of these creatures before it’s too late. Players will encounter level branches along the way, where they’ll have the option of challenging one of two enemies. Making a choice in one direction makes another set of levels unavailable.

During each level, players are asked to make matches of three-or-more like colored symbols, which correspond to their character’s attacks. A warrior’s slashing attack, for instance, can be charged by making matches with blue or green gems. When the action bar is filled, the character automatically attacks the enemy. However, this works for both hero and foe.

That is, an enemy’s attack bar may be charged by making matches with yellow and blue gems. That being the case, users would want to avoid making matches with those colors of gems to stop the enemy from attacking. In our particular example, both characters benefit from blue matches, so it’s up to players to decide whether or not to take the risk of actually creating those matches.

Users can heal their characters with premium healing potions during battle. While there’s no traditional energy system in the game, play is kept to a slower pace due to the fact that heroes don’t regain their health automatically after battle. Instead, it recharges slowly over time. Gamers can ignore this and jump into their next battle instantly, but it will be more challenging as a result.

Gamers collect coins as they battle, and can use these to purchase new weapons, armor and accessories for their character. These can increase a player’s stats, including health points, attack or defense. After they’re purchased, individual items can also be upgraded for an even larger stat boost. The hero will also level-up with earned experience points, increasing their stats automatically over time.

Outside of single player mode, users can enter the arena to compete against other real players. However, this competition is for high score only, as users are challenged to fight off as many waves of basic enemies as they can to earn points. The players that defeat the most enemies during each timed tournament win premium currency prizes.

Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend is available to download for free on iTunes and Google Play.