Bandai Namco Brings Dark Souls II to Outcast Odyssey (Exclusive)

The collectible card game will be updated with content inspired by Dark Souls II, the console video game by FromSoftware.

Bandai Namco Entertainment America gave SocialTimes an exclusive first look at the content update coming this week to Outcast Odyssey on mobile. The collectible card game will be updated with content inspired by Dark Souls II, the console video game from FromSoftware.

The update will include 17 new cards with artwork inspired by Dark Souls II, with each card having four evolved forms. Along with these new cards, two new realms will be added to the game: Luminous and Umbral. Both of these realms are strongest when they’re facing each other, but are neutral against the game’s other realms.

Outcast Odyssey Dark Souls II

From April 20 through May 1, players can receive a free Dark Souls II Starter Bundle each day containing Luminous and Umbral cards. Bandai Namco said players who login each day during this Dark Souls II “invasion” will receive 12 free cards just for playing the game.

Elsewhere, the update will introduce new gameplay elements, including counterattacks and wandering enemies. In addition, players will be able to participate in weekly featured events inspired by Dark Souls II.

For instance, in the “Umbral Cabal” event, players will be able to explore an “infinitely deep dungeon” and collect event items for a chance to win Dark Souls II packs and cards. This Umbral Cabal dungeon will feature player invasions inspired by Dark Souls II, which will see players face off against others in “spontaneous combat.”

Finally, on one day each week, a new Tower filled with enemies will appear on the game’s colony screen. Players will be able to battle to the top of the Tower to fight enemies inspired by Dark Souls II and win Dark Souls II cards.

Outcast Odyssey is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The Dark Souls II update will launch Wednesday, April 20.