Sportswriters Try to Capture the Less That is Baltimore

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the seats...

As we write this, the Orioles are leading the White Sox at Camden Yards. In front of a riots-mandated crowd of zero people. The beauty of the Internet, in this case, is that sportswriters can file the story as the surreal events are unfolding. Here’s a snippet from Washington Post national baseball writer Barry Svrluga’s coverage:

Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph had already feigned signing autographs to imaginary fans, tipping his hat to the adoring… seats. A foul ball had found its way into the stands, only to bounce back out again.

Actually, zero people in the stands is not quite right. From Jére Longman’s NYT dispatch:

Except for two scouts sitting behind home plate and a press box full of reporters, the 45,971 seats and three decks at Camden Yards were an empty expanse of green as the first pitch was thrown at 2:06 p.m.

And since baseball is all about records, the Baltimore Sun at game time leads off a 24-picture slide show with a reminder of the previous MLB low attendance record. Hint: It happened in 1882.

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