Ballpit Monster Launches Flick Knights on iOS

flick knights 650

Mobile developer Ballpit Monster has announced the launch of its multiplayer turn-based strategy game Flick Knights on iOS devices. The game sees players taking to the field to destroy their opponent’s base while protecting their own. Presented as a sport, teams are comprised of humans as well as animals, while the field is full of bounce pads and other obstacles which may help or hurt a player’s chance for victory.

Flick Knights offers two gameplay modes: a live, synchronous version where each player makes their move before running out of time, and an asynchronous version, which allows users to take their time and come back to the game when they’re ready to dive back in.

On their turn, players tap and “flick” their characters around the field. This includes simply moving a player to a new location (say, to a spot in front of their base to protect it), or to attack the opponent’s units or base. Obstacles on the field may cause units to bounce off and head in the wrong direction, so the aim of the flick is important.

Combat occurs automatically upon contact, and eliminated players are sent to the penalty box for a few turns before returning to the field.

Each unit has their own stats (attack, defense and speed) and special attacks. For instance, one unit may be able to teleport across the field, while another can shoot a massive laser beam across the field, attacking enemies in its path.

“MOBA players don’t have to worry about feeders or lag with Flick Knights,” said Ballpit Monster chief creative officer Rodrigo Fernandez. “We want Flick Knights to be an exciting, colorful way for players to dive into the arena strategy genre and have some fun right away.”

Flick Knights is available to download for free on iOS. The game is supported via in-app purchases, as users can purchase new knights for their team with premium currency. Users can also spend money on Boosters, which may increase the experience points, free or premium currency earned over a group of future matches.