Ballentines Turns On the Blue Light for Small Companies


The luxury agency Ballentines is spelling out the kind of discount small companies can get in tough times, and giving it a name: BPR Blue.

It’s interesting to see it in writing with the specific price tag of $2,500 per month offered to a “limited number of clients”. All agencies have some threshold based on hourly tracking or merely feel that dictates how low they can go. The threshold can be driven in to the red if there are other less quantifiable sweeteners like a hot account that opens doors with the media, a CEO who opens doors to other new business, or an account that’s so compatible with the stable that you just have to have it.

Ballentines promises the Blue service will “include preliminary consulting with the fully experienced BPR Blue staff resulting in the writing, formatting, distribution, and search engine optimization for one press release per month.”

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