Ball gets rolling: “Six Feet Under” creator goes indie

BREAKING NEWS from Cannes today: Alan Ball will make his feature directorial debut on an untitled indie film about a Lebanese girl coming of age during the first Gulf War. ballalan.jpg.jpg

Ted Hope‘s New York-based production group This is That will produce along with executive producer Scott Rudin. The picture, which is raising money via foreign sales at Cannes, is scheduled to start shooting August 2nd.

Per Indiewire,

“The film follows the adventures of young Jasira, daughter of a Lebanese-American father and an American mother, who comes of age during the first Gulf War, according to a Celluloid release. When Jasira unwittingly enters into a dangerous flirtation with her mother’s boyfriend, her mother insists that Jasira move to her father’s house. Despite the change of venue, Jasira’s move is a catalyst for crisis with funny, heart-rending and ultimately redeeming consequences.”

Jasira? Al Jazeera?

Heavy-handed media criticism off the starboard bow…three o’clock, captain!