Baldacci to Publish “Enriched” eBook

Mega-bestseller David Baldacci will publish his next novel, Deliver Us From Evil, on April 20th, and not only will it be available as a hardcover and an eBook, but also as an “enriched” eBook. And Baldacci is excited about it.

He told the Associated Press “For a long time it seemed all people were talking about was pricing and the timing of the e-book. And I want to bring it back to the books themselves, to the content, because that’s what should matter. I want people to have a great experience and give them a behind-the-scenes look at what I do, the way you would have it on a DVD.”

What’s an “enriched” eBook? Like a DVD, it’s actually got some deleted scenes–passages edited from the original book. And, in what may either be an interesting or very boring feature, there’s video of Baldacci writing in his office. He told the AP, “I have a pretty cool office, if I do say so myself.”

You can see that office for $15.99 for the “enriched” edition, or $14.99 for the regular eBook, which will go down to $12.99 once it becomes a bestseller.