Bahrain Court Overturns Activist’s Twitter Sentence

A Bahrain court has overturned activist Nabeel Rajab’s three month conviction. And his crime? Tweeting.

In early July, Rajab was sentenced to three months behind bars for tweeting insults toward Bahrain’s Prime Minister. At the time, the prosecution had argued that he sent several insulting tweets insinuating that the Prime Minister was giving handouts to a particular region to curry favor. The defense argued that most of Rajab’s accusers were former police and military with close ties to the government.

As the Associated Press reports, Rajab’s conviction for tweeting anti-government messages was overturned on Thursday.

Over halfway through the three month sentence, a judge threw Rajab’s conviction out of court after just a brief hearing. The main reasoning behind the reversal was the lack of conclusive evidence presented by the prosecution.

However, Rajab won’t be going home any time soon: the activist is serving time for another accusation that he incited other activists to clash with military in the Gulf region.

Tweeting has landed other political activists in hot water in recent months. Kuwaiti man Nasser Abdul was jailed last summer for tweeting insults aimed at Bahrain royalty, and in June of this year a Kuwaiti man was sentenced to ten year behind bars for tweeting negatively about Mohammad and Saudi and Bahraini rulers.

(Gavel image via Shutterstock)