Badoo, Yahoo, Games and Love on This Week’s List of Facebook Gainers by MAU

Looks like Facebook users are looking for love on our Valentine’s edition of Top 20 Facebook applications gainers by monthly active users. Badoo topped the list, with other dating apps, SpeedDate as well and Who will be your Valentine in 2011, coming up as well? Meanwhile, Ravenwood Fair and other social games made their usual appearanches, along with a few Connect apps. We compile this data with our AppData tool, which tracks the growth of applications and their developers on the Facebook platform.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Badoo42,297,742+4,671,748+12%
2. Profile Banner3,241,194+1,142,080+54%
3. Ravenwood Fair9,478,040+1,114,907+13%
4. Yahoo!10,836,146+860,160+9%
5. Monster Galaxy6,096,036+661,665+12%
6. BandPage by RootMusic17,390,482+600,914+4%
7. SpeedDate1,606,216+558,395+53%
8. Your statistics2,706,411+531,220+24%
9. Phrases18,544,317+531,042+3%
10. Big Business2,101,568+501,043+32%
11. It Girl8,771,548+441,425+5%
12. TIK TAC TOE812,980+413,352+103%
13. Who will be your VALENTINE in 2011?1,569,030+401,153+34%
14. Diner Dash418,577+365,262+685%
15. Dragons of Atlantis2,225,768+359,116+19%
16. Windows Live Messenger16,266,940+353,826+2%
17. 大腦分析402,162+321,690+400%
18. Paradise Life2,596,341+312,295+14%
19. PicBadges2,133,443+302,445+17%
20. Happy Hospital2,203,922+274,755+14%

Badoo was number one our list with a gain of 4.6 million MAUs, or about a 12% gain. SpeedDate was on the list with a 53% gain of 558,400 users, and Who will be your Valentine in 2011? grew by 34%, or 401,200 users.

A few Connect apps, Yahoo with 860,200 new users and Windows Live Messenger with 353,800, joined several notable games. Ravenwood Fair grew by more than 1.1 million users, or a 13% gain. Others games included Monster Galaxy, Big Business (a game in which you build a city), It Girl — a shopping game, Tik Tac Toe, Dinner Dash, Dragons of Atlantis, Paradise Life and Happy Hospital, a vet hospital game.

BandPage by RootMusic continues strong growth with almost 601,000 monthly active users added this week. There was a Chinese app, Analysis of Brain, which is a quiz added 321,700 MAUs to grow significantly in the past week. Finally photo app Profile Banner, Your Statistics and Phrases joined PicBadges on the list.