Badoo, Videos, Cards, Photos, Yahoo and Mobile on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Apps by DAU

We have quite an eclectic and new batch of applications on our list of the top growing apps by daily active users on our list this week. There were several horoscope, dating, video and virtual gift/greeting card apps, as well as a location-social network app, an iPad app, a photo app and a mobile app. The apps overall grew from between 77,100 and 2.4 million DAU this week.

Our list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name DAU Gain Gain,%
1. Daily Horoscope3,332,033+2,428,251+269%
2. Badoo2,155,109+422,750+24%
3. Gardens of Time1,902,345+401,542+27%
4. Today’s Video391,282+390,315+40,364%
5. WhoIsNear?303,043+228,528+307%
6. Kral Video !220,430+210,644+2,153%
7. Yahoo!7,824,909+185,536+2%
8. flipboard329,581+174,117+112%
9. Are YOU Interested?1,098,569+163,015+17%
10. Günlük Burç Yorumları266,957+149,796+128%
11. Tarjetitas243,431+143,753+144%
12. Bubble Saga719,682+140,529+24%
13. Diamond Dash1,213,519+130,048+12%
14. Pixable254,328+128,921+103%
15. PowerVideo100,036+97,604+4,013%
16. Videolar 2011118,159+91,960+351%
17. VideoGezegeni102,069+90,557+787%
18. Videoloji89,236+81,563+1,063%
19. Especially for You103,514+78,174+309%
20. HTC Sense5,544,613+77,086+1%

Daily Horoscope grew by 2.4 million DAU, the version in Turkish, Günlük Burç Yorumları, grew by 149,800 DAU. Both apps allow users to select their horoscope, share the app with friends who are of their same astrological sign, and receive daily horoscope updates on their Walls. The apps grew primarily in Turkey.

Badoo was huge on our list, too, growing mostly in Mexico, France and Italy by 422,800 DAU; the app has a Q&A format where users answer questions about their friends, with subsequent feed stories published to the stream. The Are YOU Interested? app with 163,000 DAU grew in the United States, United Kingdom and India; the app allows users to rate other users’ photos.

Turkish video apps were all over this list, making up a full one-fourth of our list! Today’s Video with 390,300 DAU, Kral Video! with 210,600 DAU, PowerVideo with 97,600 DAU, Videolar 2011 with about 92,000 DAU, VideoGezegeni with 90,600 DAU and Videoloji with 81,600 DAU. The apps all allow users to view, Share, Like and post videos to the stream. The only exceptions were Videoloji, which automatically posts daily videos to your stream and Kral Video, which included a pop-up for daily video posts with each click on the app.

A pair of apps for greeting cards were interesting. Tarjetittas (little cards) grew by 143,800 DAU in the US and Mexico, almost split down the middle. The app allows users to publish Spanish language greeting cards to their friends’ Walls. It’s interesting to note that an app in Spanish is being used almost equally between two countries, perhaps pointing to the ways in which Facebook helps united friends and family across borders. Especially For You grew by 78,200 DAU and basically does the same thing, allowing users to send a card in a message to their friend, then publish the card to your own Wall; thus, there are two viral features at work.

WhoIsNear? with 228,500 DAU is an interesting app that works like a location app — but on Facebook. Users create an account, check in where they are geographically and what they are doing, then are offered to find new friends using the app, finally publishing a story to the feed. Pixable’s app with 128,900 DAU allows users to discover their friends’ photos; we reviewed the app previously. The rest of the list included Yahoo’s app with 185,500 DAU. Flipboard with 174,100 DAU, an iPad app allowing users to read news and social media in a magazine-style layout on their iPads. And, HTC Sense the Android mobile app with 77,100 DAU.

Check in Friday to see the top emerging Facebook apps growing by 100,000 to 1 million  MAU.