Badoo Rallies On This Week's Fastest Growing Apps List

Badoo leaves other applications in the dust on this week's edition of fastest growing applications, while nine others trail in the distance. A few newcomers appear on this list, along with some recurring favorite games and the ever-popular question-based apps.

Badoo has grown much faster than anything else this week’s edition of fastest growing applications. A few newcomers appear on this list, along with some recurring favorite games and the ever-popular question-based apps. You can see even lengthier rankings and more detailed numbers by clicking over to our statistics section here.

This Week’s Application Weekly Growth Leaderboard

Name DAU MAU Weekly Growth
1.Badoo 4,803,204 64,453,333 3,940,615
2. VidyoTV Video 357,003 2,608,351 925,036
3. Monopoly Millionaires 817,356 5,736,815 916,909
4. 224,467 1,316,568 769,048
5. Quiz Taco 760,976 12,189,712 723,016
6. Question Party 318,650 3,798,746 708,652
7. Daily Horoscope 1,205,117 4,190,247 679,315
8. Zoo World 632,219 6,790,992 592,767
9. DTR Music 187,832 3,137,260 591,297
10. Diamond Dash 306,236 1,183,808 574,385

The top spots: Badoo once again tops our list this week with an unrelenting 3,940,615 weekly growth increase. Making its way to the second spot is Turkish language application VidyoTV Video; the Tunada Interaktif developed application nabbed an additional 925,036 users.
Game on: Monopoly Millionaires holds tight to a high ranking spot once again this week; 916,909 new players found themselves hooked on the Electronic Arts version of the classic game that ranks third. And 592,767 people helped RockYou’s Zoo World have an explosive seven days on the social network, for a rank of eight. Wooga’s addicting Diamond Dash rounds out our list, with a weekly growth increase of 574,385 putting the app in tenth place.
The newcomers: FanBridge’s DTR Music makes its first appearance on the fastest growing list; the application that helps ease the social networking world for musicians tallied a 591,297 growth increase, making for a rank of nine.
Who’s asking the questions: made a gigantic leap onto the list this week, with the help of 769,048 people putting the app in fourth place. That certainly suggests that Facebook’s relaunch of its own Questions application this week hasn’t yet detracted from the popularity of third-party quiz apps. Quiz Taco returns to our fastest-growing list with a booming 723,016 seven-day increase this week, at fifth place. Nipping at that app’s heels, ranking sixth, GroupPulse’s Question Party alternative boasted 708,652 new curious partakers.
Predicting your day: This week, we see only one astrological app defending its high rank spot, coming in seventh place: 679,315 people helped Soft Reklam’s Daily Horoscope continue in its success.
Readers, what applications got your attention on Facebook this week?