Bad Piggies hits No. 1 in more than 37 countries — impressive, but not as good Angry Birds Space or Amazing Alex

Maybe people just don’t like those green pigs after all. Bad Piggies, the Angry Birds spin-off repaints the iconic hogs as heros doesn’t seem to be seeing the same launch day success that Angry Birds Space and Amazing Alex did.

The game was released today at 3:00 am pacific standard time, or 1:00 pm in the afternoon Helsinki time. When Inside Mobile Apps checked the iTunes app store this morning the game was the No. 1 paid iPhone app in 37 countries and the No. 1 paid iPad app in 39, including: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Taiwan, France, Sweden, Spain, Norway and Russia.

The game is in the top 10 of the paid iPhone app charts in 40 countries, and in the top 10 of the paid iPad app charts in a further 36 including: China, Mexico, the U.K, India, the U.K., Japan and South Korea.

Interestingly, the game was the top grossing iPhone or iPad app just 9 countries when we checked:  the U.S., Belarus, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Macedonia and Poland.

The game, which costs $0.99 on the iPhone and $2.99 on the iPad hasn’t seen the same chart reception as either Angry Birds Space or Amazing Alex, Rovio’s last two releases.

The highly anticipated (and heavily promoted) Angry Birds Space was an instant hit, shooting into the No. 1 spot on both the top grossing and top paid charts in dozens of countries including key markets like Germany, France, the U.K., the U.S. and China. Amazing Alex was also able to put in a strong debut on the paid app charts, hitting No. 1 in 53 countries on the iPhone and 68 on the iPad, although it wasn’t able to crack the top grossing app charts in key markets such as Japan, China or the U.S.

As is typical, the app hasn’t yet shown up on the U.S. Google Play charts, as Google’s chart ranking algorithm tends to update slower than the one Apple uses. The game is free on Android and monetizes via ads, and comes in both a standard and an HD version designed for tablets. The game is also available as a $2.99 Kindle in the Amazon Appstore, and as a $4.99 download in the Mac App Store.

It would be disingenuous to say the game isn’t a hit considering how many charts Bad Piggies is currently on top of, but it’s likely Rovio were hoping for a better debut for the title. The company’s last game, Amazing Alex started strongly, but hasn’t been able to hold its momentum. According to our traffic tracking service AppData, the iPhone version of the game is currently the No. 107 top paid app and the No. 368 top grossing game in the U.S. The HD version is the No. 117 top paid iPad app and the No. 226 iPad app in the games genre. For Bad Piggies to see the same kind of success its Angry Bird precursors have, it will need to hold the momentum its built up today. We’ll be watching the title’s performance closely.