Bad News: Poll Shows Confidence in News Media Very Low, Right Above Congress

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500 channels and nothing on…

There is nothing more mesmerizing than our ability to ignore fact, figure, and logic.

Collectively, there are groups of people who can be so dense that one would think every highfalutin group walks around in wifebeaters drenched in sweat and beer stains. For example: It is no secret that the current Congressional body has the lowest approval rating in U.S. history, yet there they are, re-elected and sitting pretty.

Glowing in the spotlight of that single-digit love is one other group that just can’t take a hint: National Network News.

The numbers we have to share have nothing to do with ratings, but they probably should.

Gallup provides America with a poll that doesn’t require the breaking news sound…but it’s telling nonetheless. Inside the numbers, we see just how little America trusts the news.

distrust news

Beginning in the 90s, the numbers indicating what America believes and counts upon as “reliable” have swirled in the toilet of national credence and confidence from the high 30s to the “can’t legally buy alcohol” range.

Oh, I know: Liberals only believe those news sources and conservatives have theirs. Gallup addressed that point, too.

First, newspapers by party affiliation.

conservative news

And now, TV news by the same haphazard measurements.

TV news

In closing, a parting shot to these bastions of acrimony and exasperation: Change!

What you are doing isn’t working. While PR people in TV news everywhere will remind you that the swill currently broadcast on-air has poor ratings because there are too many choices, anyone who truly understands the media world will tell you that alternate choices are more popular because the news is, simply, terrible.

The umbrage in those numbers is something to think about when pitching to broadcast news sources. Hopefully they’ll encourage CNN to think twice about its next flight simulator/“let’s call a psychic” segment.

We could only be so lucky.

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