Bad News for McDonald’s: Instagram Users More Engaged, Opinionated


You mean they’re not really my “friends?”

A very interesting study published two days ago by social analytics firm Shareablee found that Instagram users interact with brand posts at more than twice the rate of those on the standard vanilla Facebook network:

  • The average Instagram brand post received 6,932 likes, comments and shares
  • The average comparable Facebook post received 2,396 such actions

This could be great news for brands — especially those looking to use the network’s nascent paid ad service.

Or maybe not. Take, for example, McDonald’s.

We’re not quite sure that the latest dustup involving those golden arches qualifies as a “social media disaster“, but we will say that those who respond to the brand’s Instagram posts have strong opinions. And most of them are not positive.

As Adweek notes, many of the complaints following the appearance of this week’s paid posts concerned the fact that users’ streams of sunsets, selfies and baby/puppy pics were rudely interrupted by a paid ad. For a fast-food chain.

Given the rarity of such promoted posts, some degree of backlash is inevitable, no?

We have to agree. As Facebook has learned over and over again, no one likes changes to an established service — especially a free service to which they’d come to feel, shall we say, entitled.

The substance of user complaints won’t surprise anyone at McDonald’s, either: whoever takes the time to read the comments (we don’t recommend it) will find many mentions of GMOs and the unhealthy nature of the chain’s products.

Yes, these stories will probably frustrate McD’s executives who recently gave themselves 18 months to achieve the frankly impossible goal of rebranding their chain as the friendlier, healthier, “more trusted and respected” place you go when you really don’t want to cook anything but don’t have the time or money for a proper meal.

For the rest of us? Move along. Nothing to see here.

Well, nothing quite like #McDStories, at least.