Bad Color Selection + Bad Movie = Bad All Over

Type for You pointed us to this wonderful post over at J. Tyler Helms‘ site: “Red is Not Funny.” Sick of seeing red being used in the main title of far too many movie posters for terrible, terrible comedies, and understanding that the color isn’t often used to express humor, he decided to compile a long collage of snippets of posters that have used it, thus proving his point. It’s brilliant. And his short closing paragraph seals the deal:

The clumsily obese sans type; the blinding white background safely voiding the cutout actors of context. It’s a design ploy as low brow as the films themselves–a desperate attempt to simply be recognized. They dance, jump up and down, and scream at the top of their lungs to get a reaction of any kind… since they must realize that nobody is laughing.

I suppose red is also the color of doomed comedy.

We notice that a large percentage of them are for movies starring Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin. So maybe they are using the color correctly as a kind of warning that not only are you are going to watch a horrible movie, it’s going to be made all the worse by witnessing two, once-very-funny people doing demeaning projects.