Bad Candy will test your logic and deduction on Facebook

Image via LandShark Games

Aviator developer LandShark Games has released its newest game on Facebook, Bad Candy, which asks players to identify the rotten candy on the screen, while saving all of the good candy. Each level tests players’ observation and deduction, as they must figure out the location of evil candies using hints provided by the game.

Levels in Bad Candy becomes increasingly difficult, as more than one bad candy will start hiding with the good candies. At the beginning, at least one candy will be good, and will have a clue about the location of the naughty ones. They’ll give you a chance to eliminate some candies from the mix, which each provide additional clues.

Like a game of Sudoku, where “it has to be that last number,” each level in Bad Candy will get down to “it just has to be the bad candy.”

Image via LandShark Games

As players progress, they’re encouraged to mark the presumed bad candies like one marks mines in Minesweeper. Some candies may fall asleep and will be unable to offer hints, but clock power-ups can wake them up. Other powers include hint wands which can instantly eliminate one candy from the mix.

Each level tracks players’ completion time, and these times can be compared to friends via in-game leaderboards. If players do happen to click on a bad candy, they’ll lose a life. These replenish automatically over time, or they can be purchased with coins, and eventually real money.

Bad Candy is now available to play for free on Facebook. The game has just under 15,000 monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData.