‘Bad Boss’ Contest Extended

Eh, screw you guys—having too much fun over the long weekend to enter our contest? We’re going to extend the contest one more week to give you more time to submit your bad boss stories, and more importantly, for you to vote on your favorites. (You can vote just by clicking “Like” next to your favorite.) Yes, you can vote for yourself, and if you convince your Twitter friends to vote for you, we’re probably OK with that.

To kick off the week-long oversharing extension, here’s my bad boss story…not like I’m going to win my own contest or anything.
At one of my, er, friend’s many putting-herself-through-school jobs, the boss spent most of her days working on her husband’s projects, leaving her work for everyone else to do. The kicker was when she brought a test her hubby had designed for all the employees to try out—it was one of those spatial relations things where you have to fold an imaginary cube and picture what was printed on what side…like one of these. The hilariously awkward part? Her hubby had designed a flat “cube” that would never fold into 3-D. It had only four faces.

Colleagues dutifully attempted the test, except for my, er, friend. My friend tried to tell the boss that the test was impossible. Spent far too long arguing her point than was politically smart, but come on, the boss’s husband was going to go out and use that “cube” to test people’s IQs or something and get terrifically wrong results.

The boss kept insisting “Of course it’s not a cube. You have to imagine it folded up.”

My friend’s relationship with the boss was never the same after that.