Bad Astronomy Blogger Makes The Jump to Television

Astronomer and blogger Phil Plait is making the jump to television. In a trailer released today, Plait unveiled a new television show destined for Discovery Channel, “Phil Plait’s Bad Universe.”
The name comes from Plait’s popular science blog, Bad Astronomy.
“Bad Universe” will air on Discovery this Fall, though a premiere date and time have not been settled on yet.
As is often the case with Discovery, the network has ordered a “three-pack” of episodes. This allows the network to test them out on-air and gauge viewer response. If the viewer interest is high and the program delivers solid ratings, the network will probably order additional episodes.
Last week Plait signed on as a contributor to, Syfy’s blog examining the intersection of science fiction and pop culture.
As “new media” like blogs gets decidedly more mainstream, more and more personalities are making the leap to more traditional platforms, and vice-versa. twitter has become a popular way for celebrities to interact directly with their fans, while shows such as the upcoming CBS comedy “Sh*t My Dad Says” had their origins online.