Backstage Magazine Rolls Out New Website, Print Format

When Prometheus Global Media handed over a controlling interest of Backstage magazine last fall to former New York City taxi cab advertising king John Amato, it promised to return the once venerable brand to the status of essential working actor’s tool. This week, the 52-year-old publication’s new look is officially ready for its close-up.

The website has been redesigned to compete more directly with Gary Marsh’s Actors Access and Burbank-based The weekly print magazine meanwhile hits newsstands this Thursday with a new price ($3.95) and completely redesigned format. From this morning’s press release:

“We are in an age where it is much easier to produce content for television, film and on the Web,” says Backstage CEO Amato. “It’s no longer just about an agent filling an actor for a role. Now, actors can showcase their own talents and connect directly with casting opportunities on”

Backstage executive editor Daniel Holloway relocated from New York at the beginning of the year and works with a small team in the THR office building. The company has also this year expanded the reach of its popular weekend trade show Actorfest, adding Philadelphia and Detroit in the spring and expanding soon to Las Vegas and Chicago.