#BackGate Has Folks Talking About Glee Again – But Not In A Good Way

What would you do if you were a crafty songwriter who came up with a creative cover for a popular song and a TV show ripped you off?

If you were Jonathan Coulton, you’d tweet it out and shame that show for all it’s worth. Because unfortunately, outside of shaming Glee, Coulton may have little legal recourse.

Someone directed Coulton to this wiki earlier today where he was surprised to find his cover of “Baby Got Back” featured on a new Glee arrangement.

His cover of Baby Got Back? So what? (That’s what  you’re thinking.) The big deal isn’t the words, dude, it’s the melody. Take a listen, it’s a pretty unique interpretation of the song:

But are both tracks really the same though? Yup. And pretty startlingly so. Click the tweet below and click “double up” when you reach the mash-up:

And although this track appears to have been “leaked” on a fan site and not an official site – this site is rumored to have posted only accurate tracks (ahead of their official release) in the past.

And, Kotaku found that it’s listed for sale on iTunes (in Sweden):

So WHAT is going on? @GleeOnFOX hasn’t said a peep about it yet.

And what can Coulton do? (Seriously, if you’re an attorney – reach out to the guy and toss some legal speak his way.)

We’ll keep you posted as #BackGate develops – and you can also follow along on Coulton’s blog.

(Glee image from Shutterstock)