Backflip Studios’ Nerf Hoops Shoots onto iOS

Mobile developer and publisher Backflip Studios has partnered with Hasbro to release Nerf Hoops on iOS devices. The flick basketball game sees players flicking their finger on their screen to shoot a ball at a basketball hoop, but unique obstacles will sometimes stand in their way. The game offers four settings, each one more difficult than the last, and simply challenges players to earn a high score by successfully completing shots.

screen1136x1136The main challenge in Nerf Hoops is the addition of wind speed and direction to the experience. The greater the speed, the more players must compensate by swiping their shot in the direction opposite the wind. Another major challenge is the distance players stand from the hoop. In the game’s easiest mode, players are inside a dorm room, with a small basketball hoop on the back of a door. This means players stand fairly close to the net, which makes shots easier to score.

In the game’s three additional modes, players stand farther (sometimes much farther) away from the net, and have distractions or obstacles to face while playing. The “medium” difficulty level, for instance, is on a traditional basketball court, with a stereo playing music and bouncing in the foreground. Meanwhile, the “hard” level is filled with zombies, which wander around the screen. Finally, the “impossible” difficulty level takes place on a busy city street, with players shooting the ball at a net across the street from them and cars driving down both lanes in the middle.

While the main gameplay is a single player experience, players can challenge others in head-to-head matches to earn the highest score, or compare their overall high scores to others via Game Center.

Nerf Hoops is available to download for free on iTunes.