Backflip Studios launches mining puzzle game Dwarven Den on iOS


DragonVale developer Backflip Studios has announced the launch of its latest game on iOS devices: Dwarven Den. The mining puzzle game sees players helping a group of dwarves collect treasure in large underground mines, while uncovering the secrets of a lost civilization. In each level, players must manage their energy usage as they clear blockages, collect treasures, and shoot for the end square of the stage.

screen1136x1136-60Each level of Dwarven Den has a different layout, with some offering rather linear paths to the finish, and others being more complicated. While each stage has an overall goal, like clearing a certain crystal or finding a trapped dwarf, players can explore the entire environment to collect treasures, including the three stars available in each level. One the main goal is completed, the level ends, so players are encouraged to go back and replay levels if they’ve left something behind.

Players use energy to mine through the earth, and can purchase additional energy mid-level with gems (real money), or by finding red energy crystals throughout the stage.

As players complete expeditions, they’ll earn loot which increases their starting energy, hammers which dig through earth with less energy and more. Eventually, players unlock a tech system for special abilities, like placing bombs on large stone areas or enemies (like spiders or bats) to remove them from the screen.

Dwarven Den is available to play for free on iOS, and offers 80 levels at launch. The game will be updated with new levels going forward, and users can help their friends by lending them special equipment via Facebook and Game Center integration.

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