Backflip Studios Launches DragonVale World on Mobile

The game allows each user to build their own dragon park and fill it with more than 135 different dragons.

Backflip Studios announced the release of DragonVale World, a new dragon-breeding game inspired by the original DragonVale. The game allows each user to build their own dragon park and fill it with more than 135 different dragons.

In DragonVale World, players begin with two dragons, and they can collect additional dragons by purchasing them in the store or by breeding their existing dragons. Each dragon has an elemental type, such as “fire” or “earth,” and players can create dragons of different types by breeding specific combinations of dragons.

DragonVale World Screenshot

Dragons take time to breed, and dragon eggs take time to hatch, but these timers can be skipped using premium currency. As players collect dragons, they can change the appearance of their dragons using spells.

Elsewhere, users can grow food to feed their dragons, which can make them level up. Each dragon will generate coins over time, and the higher a dragon’s level, the more coins it will generate. Users can collect special food items by sending their dragons to complete timed tasks outside of their parks.

In addition to breeding and raising dragons, players can complete timed orders at the Arcane Airship to win a variety of rewards. To complete orders, users need to collect specific resources to fill crates. For instance, players may need to use food to fill one crate, and they may need to assign a dragon to another crate. Players have a limited amount of time to complete each order before the airship departs from their parks. When players use dragons to fulfill orders, the dragons will return to their parks the next time the Arcane Airship arrives.

Finally, in terms of social features, a trading post allows users to sell items to other players. Users can also purchase items from their friends, or from random players. A guild feature is coming to the game in 2017.

In a statement, Julian Farrior, CEO of Backflip Studios, commented:

Gamers from around the world love the original DragonVale, and many of them have been building their parks and hatching rare dragons for years. DragonVale World brings the mechanics of that game into a truly modern mobile gaming platform, offering players bigger and more beautiful dragons than ever before.  The artwork, design and 3-D graphics in the game are the best in the industry, and we can’t wait for players to experience this world.

DragonVale World is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.