Back to Don Fisher’s Presidio Museum (and Its Detractors)


From time to time, we’ve chimed in about the developments in the Gap owner Don Fisher‘s plans to build a huge art museum in the Presidio in San Francisco. Now the NY Times has taken a look at the story in this great feature, “Art and History Clash in San Francisco.” It provides some nice background on the project, which you’ll want to read if you’re unfamiliar with it all, but perhaps most interesting is the talk about the other side, with groups like the Sierra Club and The National Park Service trying to fight it off, as well as some of the many hurdles Fisher and his partners have had to face in trying to move this thing along. If you’re like us, not living in the immediate area, you’ve only heard positives about this whole thing. So it’s nice to get a more complete picture of what’s going on down there by the Bay. Here’s a bit:

“The Presidio is not a San Francisco park or a subdivision to be cluttered with development,” said Boyd De Larios, 64, a descendant of the Spanish Portola and Anza expeditions, discoverers of San Francisco Bay. “It is a place with a rich history which needs to be revealed further, not submerged in vanity projects.”