Back by Popular Demand–It’s World War II!

Y’all can make fun of FBLA’s Craigslist obession all you want. Where else would we learn about this:

World War II Daily is a web podcast designed to appeal to baby boomers, video game players, veterans, historians, educators and enthusiasts. It will debut on Monday September 11th and is designed to run daily for the next six years. We would like our host/newscaster/personality to be a live-wire who can keep a notoriously antsy web audience riveted to their screens, I-pods and phones. Dressed in period garb of the 1940s, he will be reading the daily news reports from virtually every day of World War II, with emotion and a sense of heightened tension. The news will be presented in real time, corresponding to that actual date in history and continuing in chronological order for the next six years, without the benefit of hindsight.

Job location is Los Angeles
Compensation: Deferred compensation TBD if show is funded

Six years–can’t they find a way to speed things up? On the other hand, FBLA thinks selling ad time for old news is brilliant. If this works, expect a litter of copy-cats. We’d like to hear the news from this period, just once more.